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The Schedule.

Each day will open with two seminars, followed by two to three movement classes. Please note: select faculty members are only teaching one track.

DAY ONE — Understanding Los Angeles' performing arts ecosystem 

10am-10:30am — Welcome // Introductions

10:30am-11am — A Tiny Taste of LA's Dance History with Emily Wanserski

11am- 11:50am — Navigating the LA Dance World with Emily Wanserski + WHYTEBERG

12pm-1:30pm — Class with Jamila Glass, Artistic Director of LA Contemporary Dance Company

1:30pm-2pm — Q&A over lunch with Jamila

2pm-3:30pm — Track A: Composition with Rosanna Gamson; Track B: Repertory with Tiare Kenno of BODYTRAFFIC

3:30pm-4pm — Q&A with teacher 

4:15pm-5:15pm — Biz Tools 101: Resumes + Websites with Emily Wanserski

5:15pm-6pm — Recap Session JUMPSTART/LA producing team!

DAY TWO — Commercial Dance + Working in Hollywood 

10am-11am — Reels, Auditions, and Headshots with Stephanie Landwehr, AMDA Faculty 

11am-12pm — How to secure a commercial agent? Track A: Go 2 Talent, Track B: MSA

12:10pm-1:40pm — Class with Commercial Choreographer:
                                    Track A: Ryan Spencer, Track B: 
Madison Hicks 

1:50pm-2:30pm — Q&A over lunch choreographers

2:30pm-4pm — Storytelling through Movement with Reshma Gajjar

4pm-5pm — Panel: Reshma Gajjar and Toogie Barcelo re: working in commercial/TV/film dance 

5pm-6pm — 1 on 1 Mentor sessions with JUMPSTART/LA producing team (optional) 

DAY THREE — LA's Concert Dance Companies

10am-10:45am — Transferrable Skills + Multiple Streams of Income with Emily Wanserski 

10:50am-11:50am — Teaching as a Form of Income with Gracie White & Laura Berg 


12pm-1:30pm — Ballet with Melissa Barak, Artistic Director/Founder of Barak Ballet 

1:30pm-2pm — Q&A with Melissa over lunch  

2pm-3:25pm — Repertory Class; Track A: TBA, Track B: Nayomi Van Brunt of LA Dance Project

3:35pm-4:50pm — Urban Latin Dance with Jasmine Stanley + Alék Lopéz of CONTRA-TIEMPO

5pm-6pm — 1 on 1 Mentor sessions with JUMPSTART/LA producing team (optional) 

DAY FOUR — Freelancing

10am-11am — Personal Finances for Artists with Emily Wanserski 

11am-12pm — Freelancing! with Raymond Ejiofor and Cody Brunelle-Potter

12pm-1:30pm — Movement class; Track A: Ground GroovesTrack B: Dana Wilson

1:30pm-2pm — Q&A with teachers over lunch

2pm-3:30pm — Contemporary with Entity Contemporary

4pm-8pm — Filming Session — Need updated footage for your reel?! You're in luck!

As part of your registration, you will have the opportunity to film select rep/phrases from the JUMPSTART/LA program, a prepared solo, and/or a short improvisation. We will utilize the (incredible!) lighting at Stomping Ground LA to bring life to this footage, which will be delivered to you within two weeks after the program ends. 

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